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Guilin clean cleaning cleaning limited professional cleaning, professional cleaning equipment and a team of skilled, skilled construction teams, are managed in the industry, technical skills, service and good reputation of the enterprise. Company since established yilai, in "people, and honest and trustworthy, and service quality first" of concept, insisted to "about reputation, and service, and satisfaction customer" for purposes, has in district both inside and outside of Zhanjiang, and Guilin, and hechi, and guest, and guigang, and yizhou, to undertake outside wall cleaning, and industrial equipment high pressure water shot cleaning, and equipment chemical cleaning, and equipment anti-corrosion brush paint, and chimney painted, and factory cleaning cleaning, and high installation, and outside wall trap, and building clean wasteland, and hotel fume Cabinet cleaning, and stone fine surface processing, and marble refurbished, and Carpet cleaning, glass replacement, cleaning of public places projects more than 400 items. To date, the company still insisted that the interests of its clients and the development of the company together with high quality cleaning, cleaning service to practice win-win approach, taking the road of good technology and good sense of service business, won high praise for the performance of the company continues to grow, providing our customers ' satisfaction and praise to win greater trust.