Service project

Corporate Office conference room daily cleaning procedure

(1) the main features of Office, conference room
Office, desk, furniture, cabinets, table files, computers and other equipment, appliances, and paper waste. Cleaning time by time constraints, major work required before or after office hours, usually in the room is not Office work.
(2) daily cleaning project
1) emptying the ashtrays and garbage in the wastebasket.
2) clean the floor.
3) cleans the desk, file cabinets, sofa, coffee table, telephone, Office equipment and other furniture.
4) wipe the door and window, window, wall, ceiling, lighting facilities, accessories and so on.
5) clean tea.
(3) note
1) because of the time constraints, need to work in a designated time, and develop detailed cleaning schedules, designed lessons, assignments, course contents, lesson programs, homework time, request that the cleaning staff in planning lessons, agile and quick.
2) MOP, cloth and other cleaning tools, extra copies, back and forth to reduce cleaning time, efficiency of progress within a short time the assault.
3) when entering the customer work and Office work, must consist of 2 people or more than 2 people at the same time for homework and not notice suspicious action, so as to avoid misunderstanding.
4) when Office furniture, files, items on your desktop may not move. Find watches, necklaces, purses, communications equipment and other valuables should be immediately to the supervisor and security speech.
5) showcases, jewelry and other precious items, display products, remember to be careful, hold on, light touch, light, generally may not use any aggressive cleaning agents.
6) vacuum cleaner sound, indoor cleaning lessons can arrange customer before work or after work.
7) Office keys must have a strict system of governance, in addition to designated staff, shall not be submitted to any member of the staff, customer returned when opening or cleaning staff work room, should be strictly enforced registration procedure.
4) cleaning procedures
1) ready    ready cleaning tools, including a bucket, cleaning cloths, cleaning, garbage bags, vacuum cleaners, mops, brooms, etc.
2) into    2-3 people in each group, leader holds key to open the door and entered, door not closed. Room if anyone, should be greeted first, after getting the promised work.
3) check    after entering the Office, check first to see if there is abnormal phenomena, there are no customers lost valuables, any damaged items. If abnormal, should inform the competent superior presentations and homework again.
4) empty    empty ashtrays, paper basket, trash. Puffing grey tank to check for is completely extinguished cigarette butts. When emptying the wastebasket, concentrated rubbish bags, be aware that there are no dangerous goods, and processed in a timely manner.
5) wipe    starting from the door from left to right or from right to left, and wipe the furniture and walls. Towels should be delineated fold, flip. Wipe each piece of furniture should be from high to low, in first, then outside. Wipe the walls, focused on wiping the wall decorations, lamp switch socket boxes, air, skirting, doors and Windows, window sills, etc. Cleaning for large walls, ceilings and other scheduled or interludes in the daily cleaning (every day such as a or a).
6) Pack reorganization   , mainly on the desktop items, such as a telephone, a desk, lamps, ashtrays, wipe clean after, customers should get used to a fixed position and put away. If local dirt still need to be processed in a timely manner.
7) replacing    charge for garbage bags, thermos bottles.
8) suction    outside after the first, first corner, under the table, dust/Ares-sequence after lessons. Chairs and other equipment after the move you want to set. Local dirt should be processed in a timely manner.
9) closes    clean after the cleaning staff returned to the door, look around the room, confirming quality, and then turn off the lights, lock.
10) record    record of daily homework, name number of mainly include cleaners, clean room, and out of State clients when the time, homework (no, work, returns, etc), furniture and equipment for damage.