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Importance of sofa cleaning cleaning

summer cleaning how to clean sofa? For most sofa users, perhaps, quite correct. With changes in temperature and humidity will have certain effects on the sofa, especially in this season of sunny, smooth breathing brings trouble to the sofa, even the Sun fade to get old. In fact, when you master the skills of sofa cleaning cleaning step is handy to clean the sofa.
The first step, clean. As the importance of clean skin, should also pay attention to cleaning the sofa. On the sofa from the material, can be divided into leather sofas, Fabric sofas, wood sofa, rattan sofas and other quality. Different materials, sofa maintenance methods are not the same. Minor dirt such as leather sofa, you can use the direct care maintenance wax. Seriously polluted, special steam engine and special needs cleaning sofa cleaning agents and dirt cleaned. After cleaning, it should give the sofa a protective fluid to prevent dirt to penetrate the cortical pores again causing secondary pollution.
Leather sofa maintenance but also different according to the color differently. For darker colored sofa with a soft cotton cloth to "water" evenly on the leather can be; on light colored sofa, mild diluted detergent into the amount of warm water for 5 minutes, then scrub gently with a soft cotton swab dip. Maintenance experts highlighted, often slapping leather sofa seating position and the edge, the scalability of the leather can be well maintained, thus extending sofa life expectancy.
The second step, basic care. Place where the sofa is exquisite. Different from skin moisturizing, sofa to dry. Sofa exposed wooden parts, although in the process have been carefully dried, their moisture content is reduced to a certain degree, but the characteristics of the wood itself, still could not avoid changes with temperature and air humidity, so do not put the sofa in close to heat sources or of the air, so as not to damage caused by temperature change.
The third step, sunscreen. Strong direct sunlight will cause the fabric to fade, the strength of the Sun's heat will damage fabric fiber, which just a few months to see it. Its extent depends on the location placed textile, fibre type, weaving and textile protection and maintenance levels. Therefore, the sofa should move away from direct sunlight, use curtain light insulation can reduce the light hurt, if you then add a layer of sun-shading curtain, would have a better effect.
Finally, professional care. Some stains require professional treatment. If using the above method is still unable to clean stains, please consult the cleaning experts. Remember that stains just when you want to get right on it. Stains on the fabric to keep longer, will be more difficult to remove, even for Professional cleaners are not easy to deal with. When sofa is too dirty, then, the best professional cleaners to clean, high-grade sofa once per year.