Service project

Solid wood floors have a small part broken repair

local bad maintenance of solid wood flooring, wood flooring after several years of use there paint, deformation, uplift the situation, particularly around the bathroom, influence the room appearance, suggested local replacement. Because if not renovated after the paint, signs and traces of oil into the water will be unable to restore the original state, repair and overall smooth again.
Company based in Foshan, with professional wood flooring renovation team, to the operating procedures of this project is:
1, with the professional equipment and machines for grinding, grinding and some scratches on the surface, from 40, 80, 120 sand paper sanding step by step, so as to ensure the delicate, smooth the surface of the floor.
2, puttying, sanding after the be puttying, can guarantee the color of flooring, the floor will not be scratched.
Brush 3, floor paint, environmentally friendly wooden flooring floor paint, will not make the room smell, wear satisfies the requirements of the floor.
4, maintained, renovated wooden floors we use special equipment and conservation of wood floor wax.