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The advantages of the dry ice cleaning

with the growing emphasis on environmental issues, market demand for high quality dry ice cleaning cleaning equipment has become increasingly evident. Dry ice cleaning with dry ice as raw material, in a new environmentally friendly, simple, fast and efficient industrial cleaning equipment in the field. At present, the dry ice cleaning has been widely used in the world of aviation, automobile manufacturing, electrical, food, chemicals, shipping, pharmaceutical and other fields. Dry ice cleaning cleaning industry has now become an indispensable force.
Following is the unique advantages of the dry ice cleaning.
A, environmental protection and energy saving security
Carbon dioxide is a nontoxic substance, in line with the United States Department of agriculture (USDA), the environmental protection agency (EPA), food and Drug Administration (FDA) safety requirements. Replaced by dry ice cleaning chemicals and high-pressure water jets, sandblasting, steam cleaning, so as to prevent chemical erosion, conserve energy.
Second, dry cleaning
Other cleaning methods are different, dry ice precision cleaning of electrical control components, semiconductors, printed circuit boards, switches, and so there is no damage and guarantee a reliable insulation. In the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry in the application of dry ice cleaning compared to other cleaning, reduces the growth of bacteria.
Third, cost-saving
Direct evaporation in the dry ice pellets in the cleaning process, media and the costs were not cleaned up. Online cleaning, saving a lot of downtime, no additional labor and production equipment.
Four, extending the life of equipment
Dry ice cleaning and other media by different dry ice cleaning is no wear, no corrosive, does not damage the mold, not to destroy the surface finish and dimensional tolerances, bearing and mechanical equipment was not damaged, so as to improve the quality of the product. In addition, the high temperature line cleaning, avoid the mold a few mechanical equipment outside of injury in the process.