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Air conditioning cleaning note part

part one:
Air-conditioner filter net savings of dust very much, is not only bad for the human body, also hinder the air circulation and reduce the cooling effect. Before use, be sure to clean the filter.
Cleaning method: cover with clean water after washing, use a clean, soft brush clean. In order to ensure clean air, clean once every 15 days. Strainer, rinse with large flows of dry and then put it back together.
Part II:
Some place near fumes of the outdoor unit may also be absorbed a large amount of smoke, these are all factors that hinder the clean air.
Cleaning method: residential customers the outdoor unit to general use rinse, if the fumes of, or side of the outdoor unit, also needs a professional cleaning liquid to clean up the place.
Part three:
Drains may block in the dust in the air entering the air conditioner drain air conditioning leak.
Cleaning method: the cleanup should generally be professionals here.