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Fabric curtains and maintenance methods and tricks

brightly colored fabric curtains and maintenance methods and tips on how to?
Screens do not use the machine to wash, especially thin like glass yarn yarn directly with warm water and detergent solution, or soapy water twice on the line.
Curtain cleaning: never use bleach
Experts suggest that must not use bleach when cleaning curtains, try not to get dehydrated and dried, air-dried and curtain so as not to damage their texture. General cloth curtains available wet cloth scrub, but easy shrink of fabric should as dry cleaning; canvas or MA made of curtains best with sponge dipped some warm water or SOAP solution wipe, stay dry Hou volume up can; velvet curtains cleaning Shi should first put curtains soaking in neutral clean liquid in the, with hand pressure, and wash NET Hou put in shelf Shang, makes water natural drops dry, such will makes curtains clean as new.
Curtains made of electrostatic flocking (light fabric), not too easily, without regular cleaning. Be cleaned should be soaked in water rubs washes or cleaning, simply use the cotton gauze dipped in alcohol or gasoline and gently rub on the line, not twisting avoid fluff off, affect the appearance.
For family use shutter or soft finished curtain, opened the cloth dipped in warm water-soluble detergent or ammonia solution. Of adhesive bonding in some parts, be careful not to water, higher value finished curtains waterproof, you don't need to worry about this.
Reminder: note
Some curtains that exceptional material (such as gum curtains) or special cloth weaving way (such as knitted fabric), be sure to go to the dry cleaner, not washed, so as to avoid material damage or deformation. Some curtain-covered shapes, or curtains and decorations, such as silk, such as ear or hanging ear, it is best to dry clean or hand wash, not machine washable.
Tip: after washing clean all screens can be soaked in milk for an hour, then wash to dry naturally. After soaking the curtains colors will be more bright.