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Method of cleaning all kinds of kitchen utensils

enamel, glass and pottery, using a long time will be filled with grease, we can use vinegar and a little salt into the mixture wash, you can completely get rid of the dirt.
New wok cooking for the first time when food dyed black, we can use the bean curd residue rub in the pan a few times, you can avoid being dyed.
After dark color aluminum pans, basins and other utensils, cuttlefish bone brush for as long as a few, can be white as the new, and don't wear out the material.
New paint on the food there is a bad smell, wash with vinegar immersed cloth, you can eliminate the smell of paint. A rusty kitchen knife, available end of carrots or potatoes with a little sand scrub, knife rust immediately eliminated. Usually used the chopper, it is best to wipe a little oil with a cloth or with ginger wipe can rust.
Wood is difficult to wash in the kitchen. A simple approach is to flood it with bleach overnight, next day cleaned, cleaned up.
After cutting board with old, there was a fish smell, and ways to remove the smell can be soaked cutting board in the rice water, add some salt scrub and then rinse with hot water, you can clear the smell.