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12 form of indoor air pollution

"what kind of indoor environment is harmful?"
"What kind of indoor environment detection and treatment is needed? "
"If my symptoms of" sick building syndrome "? "
With the improvement of indoor environment, people on the influence of indoor environments on their own and their families are increasingly concerned, and indoor environment monitoring center of China National interior decoration Association received calls from around the country every day. So, how do you determine if you and your family live and work environment is safe and healthy? Indoor environment monitoring center and health center according to indoor environment detection and treatment practices, and summarizes 12 major manifestations of indoor environmental pollution caused harm, announcement to the public, please judge according to the following.
1, every morning when you wake up, choking, nausea, Dizzy;
2, the family often susceptible to colds;
3, not smoking, and exposure to environmental tobacco smoke, but often feel his throat uncomfortable, foreign body sensation, breathing disorders;
4, a child often coughs, sneezes, decreased immunity, newly renovated house children don't want to go home;
5, families often have skin allergies and other ailments, but also mass;
6, there were a family disease, and out of the environment, the symptoms have significantly changed and improved;
7, newly married couples unable to conceive for a long time, they did not find reasons;
8 under the normal pregnancies, pregnant woman found fetal malformation;
9, moving new or newly renovated, houseplant survival, prone to yellowing, withered the leaves, especially some vitality strongest plant are difficult to grow;
10, after moving, domestic cats, dogs and even tropical fish inexplicably died, and neighbors the same way;
11, to work there feeling throat pain, respiratory, long time dizziness, fatigue, after work, no problem. And this feeling with the property of other staff;
12, a newly renovated home and Office rooms or new furniture with harsh, acrid, pungent odor, and for more than a year still smell does not come loose.
These phenomena are the result of indoor air quality standards. Person's life 80% more time is spent indoors, indoor air quality and our health are closely related.