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Protection of stone paving and surface treatment

stone as high-end decoration material now has was widely application home loaded engineering among, regardless of is ground, and window, and Cabinet, and wall surface, are can see stone of "figure", many people are think stone of texture hard, wear degree and resistance designated injury degree are is high, and should for decoration engineering in the will makes whole home of style is atmosphere, while also will errors of think, regardless of will stone application home loaded of which link are will keep is long time of using life. As everyone knows, in the hard stone of appearance, also a need much care, "" mind, experts say, after the stone is applied to the home, if you are not careful conservation, stone's life and aesthetic compromises which will.
Protection in the paving process to
Stone as long as is using cement mortar for Pu posted of, on must in Pu posted of while for protection, using some waterproof or anti-oil, protection sex rubber agent smear Yu stone of back, its purpose is on cement mortar of water stains for isolation, prevent cement mortar of water stains penetration to stone surface led to stone color, or effect its natural texture,, certainly, in Pu posted process in the also need on stone for anti-infiltration, and anti-pollution, and electrostatic processing,, these processing are belongs to stone early of protection processing, General responsible for stone installation on stone for such processing, consumers only need to supervise, supervision and protection handling paving stones, officers can increase the degree of beauty of the stone itself and life.
Stone protective effect and selection of protective agent performance and quality. The existing protective agent, according to the material fluoride class, such as silicone, resin and acrylic, with fluoride and organic silicon is the best performance, its high breathability, excellent permeability, chemical resistance and durability, stone can be fully protected. Protective effect of dry stone on stone also plays a decisive role. Stone should be dry, apply protective agent, dry coating again better, otherwise will influence the protective effect.
Crystal face processing must be done
Experts, there are pores within the natural stone, usually in the untreated stone wool pores, bacteria or dirt, moisture, over time will make the stone decay and even rupture. Also, if the broken stone surface is not subject to special protection, and hard objects such as hard sole and sand friction for a long time, can easily scratch the stone surface. General cleaner can remove the stone surface dirt, bacteria and dirt in the pores of the stone can do. Both calcium carbonate as the main component of marble, or silicate class as the main component of granite, they are not acid, acid, often resulting in granite produced by oxidation of pyrite in Huang, the calcium carbonate will decompose in the marble, causing surface erosion; grain peeling caused by alkali erosion of granite crystallization phenomena.
Crystal surface treatment principle is to use hardening agent plus brushing machine for stone surface friction, under the dual role of chemistry and physics, rocks harder and denser surface to form hard layer of ceramic and stone surfaces to be easily damaged, but also not easy to stick dye stains. Crystal face processing does not alter the structure of stone, nor apply a layer of mulch, so, do not change the original stone texture. After passing through the Crystal face processing, molecules more dense stone surface gloss improved, makes the stone more beautiful, more elegant.
Stone for wet type installation Hou, construction personnel often for seeking fast will surface or gap around residues of cement, or containing cement of bond agent fast of removal, and using acid lotion as acetate, and hydrochloride, for cleaning, as the stone prior never do protection processing or not take effective of protection measures, is often caused stone surface occurred acid pharmacy of residues, species Xia future occurred stone changes of causes, so, recommends general State Xia of stone cleaning should using neutral of lotion. Specific to the bathroom stone, after use with a dry towel or wipe the squeegee will be the bathroom walls again. Because after a shower in water on the stone on the wall make water and sediments. Daily cleaning use neutral marble cleaner on the market, the main ingredients of hydroxyethyl cellulose, silicate, and flavor. You know, even has a slight acidic cleaning agents, chronic erosion on marble, prolonged exposure may damage the surface of the stone organization, serious eats away at stone surface light will gradually destroy the surface of smooth stones; latent stored within the porous stone, slowly oxidized into crystals.
If the surface is dirty, recommend the use of liquid drugs, preferably two sets of enzyme cleaner. It is capable of permeating stone material ground floor, and can filter dirt and grime to the surface. Particularly effective enzymes for vegetable stains. This type of cleaning agent from the agents of good quality stone cleaning products purchased.