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Stone conservation must be aware of stone 5 features

5 characteristics of stone conservation must know the stone: there are absorption rate, voids, permeability and durability, weathering class 5.
Absorption rate is an important determining factor for stone is rusting. Pore size, orientation, pores interconnected between bad and degree of polishing is the absorption rate of stone the size of a decisive factor. In the maintenance of stone, porosity of absorption rate than real stone is more important, more rust than polished stone natural stone, is because the pores of the stone naturally have more exposed and highly polished stone have closed most of the pores leads to smaller absorption rate.
Granite 0.2-0.5
Slate 0.1-1.7
Marble 0.2-0.6
Limestone 0.2-9
Quartzite, 0.1-1.4
Sandstone 0.2-12
Stone was not a real solid. Void ratio is the proportion of pores in solids and volume. Granites of smaller voids, porosity of sandstone Max.
Void comparison:
Granite 0.4-1.5
Slate 0.4-5
Marble 0.5-2
Limestone 0.6-31
Quartzite, 0.4-3.9
Sandstone 0.5-35
The permeability of three, stone
And the permeability of porous stone is it. Permeability mainly depend on the stone's pores and capillaries of the interconnected structures. Dimensions, structure and direction of these links directly affect its permeability. Humidity, steam and liquid through pores or capillary siphon effect into the stone. Stone pore and pore size, shape, stone age is an important factor.
Four persistent Interior of the durability of the stone depends not only on stone materials and structures, also depends on the environment you are using. Environment, including indoor, outdoor, vertical, horizontal installation, climate, humidity, as well as the flow of people, and so on. Work mainly in the following two aspects.
Sun: when the stone for outdoor tanning, stone internal organic material will change gradually, fade or discolor.
Climate: most stones contain minerals of moisture-sensitive, wet conditions it will rust spots or color changes, and some can cause spots or markings.
Five, weathered
Stone by physical, chemical or biological process interact to change the style of stone.