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Weather seasons, your air conditioning full cleaning yet?

weather seasons, now pick up air conditioning, unless the home is the well-being of the dual, ordinary families to begin again until May or June of the following year, long before the idle, it is best to give air a full range of cleaning.
-I can do
Antiseptic. Club air conditioning heat sink is a germs, dust and other harmful substances and pathogenic bacteria, mites and other micro-organisms easily gathered above, preferably a disinfection of the air conditioning. Using disinfection products won the National Ministry of health license number special disinfectant for air conditioning, will shake up its spraying in the air conditioning on the heatsink, stains will be automatically flow down the drain.
Clean the built-in filters. After a summer of use, filters are very dirty, also easily blocked filter. Built-in filters can be removed, use normal detergent or rinse directly, but be careful not to rub or wash to prevent filter deformation.
Clean Panel. Or a special cleaning cloth with a soft cloth dipped in lukewarm water or gently wipe neutral detergent on the surface, then wipe dry with a clean soft cloth.
Photocatalyst filter, activated carbon can be slightly under the Sun, to remove dust.
-Need professionals to do
Cleaning up outside the machine. Air conditioning outside are suspended in midair, weathered for a long time, there will be a lot of dust deposits. General two years is necessary to clean a machine. Consumers themselves can decide the use of air conditioning, dusty, or judged according to the cooling effect of the air conditioning, if cooling efficiency is low, that means outside the machine dirty. Outside of relatively complex, only consumers can do is to be the surface of the vacuum cleaner to do some easy dust removal, cleaning work needs to find within the brand after sale professional maintenance personnel home complete.
In addition, consumers can visually inspect the package out of copper pipe insulation and duct tape is tight, if copper pipes exposed, will affect the cooling or heating effect, identify problems and maintenance personnel.
Finally, all cleaning operations have been completed, the best choice in the sunny air condition, power on the run more than 2-3 hours, air conditioning inside completely dry. And then close the air conditioning running, turn off the power switch, or even if the air conditioner is stopped, will consume some power. Remember to remove the remote control battery to prevent long-term without damage. Best air conditioning in housing cover, especially outside the machine.
After the completion of all maintenance work, and before using the air conditioner again in the coming year, simply doing some cleaning and inspection, will be able to successfully use the.