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Rural and urban cleaning project top ten actions to consolidate "the guardian"

Guilin life network (reporter liangliang) upcoming special treatment for rural and urban cleaning project in our city's top ten actions to consolidate the "guardian". Yesterday morning, the city's "rural-urban cleaning project" Member convene a meeting of the leading group, informed the inspectors found problems in the near future.
It is reported that from now until the end of the city, municipal public security, housing, planning, and other related departments will focus on large-scale campaigns. Special top ten actions include: traffic order, litter, farmers ' markets, rural and village, under market, road excavation, outdoor advertising, public toilet shortage, waste leakage, travel channel and so on.
During the renovation, the city will speed up Township, rural planning and construction of sewage disposal facilities, enhance the level of sewage disposal to solve rural garbage "Village du he" issue. Further strengthen the "dirty, chaotic, and poor" regulation, continue to govern "five" priority, pay special attention to primary and secondary roads sanitation management and community health maintains cleanliness, the promotion of city appearance and environmental sanitation administration of urban and rural integration process. On the public square, station, wharf and tourist attractions of the city and other important places, then we should do environmental regulation.
Through this series of special rectification action, the city will further intensify urban environmental sanitation and amenities in order management, increase investment in urban infrastructure construction funds, and establish and improve "rural-urban cleaning project" long-acting management mechanism. BACK PAGE