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Renovation of Guilin city Guiyang Highway "five" to create the cleanest tour channel

want to make the roads the most clean and beautiful
Yangshuo, Guangxi news network-Nan Guo morning post (reporters Huang Qichao) on September 4, the reporter in grapes, Yangshuo town regulation of Guiyang Highway "five" meeting was informed that the municipal party Committee and the Municipal Government of Guilin in the first half of 2008, Guilin, this "Golden Tourism Corridor" into the cleanest, most beautiful tourist corridor.
At about 3 o'clock in the afternoon the same day, reporters get to the grape, Yangshuo town, where the change was surprised by several peers: stand out of traffic signs, set up a bicycle lane and sidewalk, uniform agricultural vehicles and motorcycles were stopped at the yellow line, the trash can filled with dozens of beautiful town ... ... This is known as the grape town? Half a month ago, Tao Zhen, Bai Sha Zhen was criticized by State Inspectorate and, to that end, 7 persons responsible for his removal from his post.
Ms Wong said at a sidewalk shop, there was really dirty and dangerous, a school across the street, when the children go to school, after school, and short-distance passenger cars, motorcycles and tricycles, pedestrians, children were crowded together. Wei is chaotic, debris, trash-strewn in the road, the town. "After after regulation, now there is not only clean and children a place to play. "Ms Wong said.
It is understood that at present, the Guilin Municipal Government also requested by the construction Department of the autonomous region, in the preparation of the Guiyang road of landscape planning and design, and reported to the construction Department of the autonomous region approved before September 20. In front of the planning and design of the examination and approval, and Guilin City Government of Baisha, grapes two town funds allocated 100,000 yuan reform; city hotel offers 105 trash can and 5 of refuse trucks, 1000 tons of cement. In addition, also increase the intensity of regulation, Yangshuo, and together with the town of grape and Bai Sha Zhen, Guiyang Highway 76 effect of landscape on either side of the simple persimmon shed was dismantled; moved 3 brick factories, support of the municipal government and relevant departments to establish full-time sanitation cleaning team, to round-the-clock cleaning Guiyang road.
Guiyang road Guilin City Mayor Zhang Xiulong in regulation "five" spot work Conference that Guilin will turn pressure into motivation, mobilize all possible forces to take all available measures, dragnet to thoroughly investigate, find the problem immediately, and see the results. To curb the "v" rebound, for poor leadership, poor organization, well, style of the responsibility and strict accountability of those responsible. He also said that Guilin municipal party Committee and Government have the confidence to Guiyang road into the most clean and beautiful travel channel.