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Guilin: boot clean projects deepening the development series activity

October 1 morning, Guilin municipal, and municipal government in the downtown square Grand held "urban and rural clean engineering" deepening expand series activities started ceremony, Mayor Zhang Xiulong on this times series activities work and future a period carried out "urban and rural clean engineering" work do has deployment, and will the city in the mountain model Street State surface transformation design figure make to Xiangshan, and Xiufeng and diecai District Government main led hand Shang, requirements three a city in October to made transformation actual effect.
It is understood that since last September, Guilin city, "rural-urban cleaning project" launched, invest up to 500 million Yuan, setting off a rural and urban cleaning spree, and the results have been achieved. The city believes that deepening of "rural-urban cleaning project", in particular, to promote the project to towns, villages and urban villages, rural and urban combination Department, and lane reconstructing and extending no weak links such as property management community is still important. For, the city decided from October 1 began, concentrated a time for "urban and rural clean engineering" deepening expand series activities, content total 12 items: in city range within main street, and small street alley, and country market, and community, and Township, and village Tun according to autonomous regions urban and rural looks standard carried out assessment activities; held city Township and the subdistrict offices led courses, and spot and summary commendation; October late will started country market reorganization battle; carried out various activities celebrates Guangxi 11th session sanitation workers section ; Invested millions of Yuan to binjiang road of flowers to beautify, highlighting the Jie Qi Mei pursuit Guiyang road Glebe Street, Zhongshan Road fa├žade to beautify the transformation effective. In addition requested the County, district and relevant departments to focus on 1 to several unresolved for a long time, "chronic" problem. Organized counties, districts for the cleaning works organized theatrical performances and related forums. BACK PAGE