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Will increase protection of the Lijiang River in Guilin to solve long-lasting cleaning problem

News Agency in Guilin, March 7 (Xinhua Ou Huilan) March 8, the international tourist city, Guilin will be fully carried out conservation work in Lijiang River basin. On March 7, the Guilin municipal Committee Secretary Mo Yongqing rate related functions, boat made a reconnaissance of Jiefang bridge to Yangshuo Li River Golden waterway, and strengthening integrated river basin protection, regulation and the Li River industrial layout has done a detailed deployment and research.
Lijiang is a famous tourism Golden waterway, is one of the important tributaries of the Pearl River, rises in "the first peak in South China" cat mountain East foot of exports on the pingle County of gongcheng River, from North to South through the city of Guilin, a total length of 214 km. Among them, the Lijiang River tourism starting from the current situation of mopanshan ferry to Yangshuo, are fantastic resources in Guilin, one of the most exciting part.
River protection and development there are still many problems to be solved, illegal fish restaurants along the Lijiang River affect the river environment, various types of sand excavation in structure construction, sporadic disorder persists, fly hook boat peddling and other dirty, chaotic, and poor is quite severe.
Lijiang River integrated regulation action will effective solution Lijiang River health management and long-term cleaning problem; increased law enforcement efforts, demolition various illegal structures; banned various damage Lijiang River landscape and natural ecological environment of illegal violations behavior; on effect Lijiang River landscape of housing for "wear clothing hats" type of State surface transformation; established Lijiang River tour business, and management and service specification, and long-term of management mechanism, implementation long-term management measures, straighten out tourism order.