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Nurses in two hospitals in Guilin hospital health environmental cleaning activities

Guangxi's health network: to develop environmental health, and improve the quality of life of hospital patients, workers and residents to ensure that national health city of Guilin review continued, and successfully carried out in the hospital, to form a good atmosphere of activity, second people's Hospital of AXA re, Guilin city, a broad mobilization of the leading group, actively cooperate with the districts through urban and rural sanitation activities. May 12 nurses day, under the call of the hospital leadership and organization, hospital nurse gave up to take days to respond positively to the hospital's call, participate in hospital sanitation day campaign.
That afternoon, the Party Secretary, national mutual in the hospital review Ning Zhizhong, head of the leading group, Deputy Director, national mutual review, Deputy Head of the leading group led by Chen qingjie, hospital members, members and other staff of more than 60 people participate actively in the rain clean cleaning of the hospital health day activities. For hospitals, hospital around, focus on the workers ' dormitory area of city appearance and environmental sanitation problems, carrying out sanitation activities, complete removal of accumulated garbage and arrange random discharge of waste water, pollution, chaotic tangled mass of debris and other health corner, completely solve the problems related to the living environment of the people and sanitation to highlight. That on that day, it has been raining steadily, but under the leadership of, we overcome difficulties and actively invest in clean and hygienic cleaning, the nurses cleaning loss of leaves and garbage, men abandoned sofas, wood and other heavy things like seat cleared from the utility room and garbage trucks to transport it on the ship. Total cleaning the hospital dead and the hospital on the day of public venues over more than 10 sites, two staff quarters for the hospital conducted a comprehensive cleaning, renovation sites, refuse 2 trucks were cleaned up. This clean thoroughly the last health board medical review unit, hospital review inspection team to check out the environmental issues for effective cleaning. Hospitals will be in the future based on the time to find the environmental health problems, keep it clean inside and outside in the backyard and a workers ' dormitory of sanitation at the same time, constantly overcome difficulties and solve the problems of hospital sanitation found new, national mutual review process and strive to meet the requirements.
Diecai district cleaning activities have been lauded the in the community of the day, they say, two hospital staff insisted on environmental clean-up day activities, keep the spirit of statuary worth advocating more nurses in hospitals to give up pay tribute to the holiday break to participate in health activities. Hospital dormitories, two residents of the hospital clean in the rain on the day of action was very moved, some residents have joined the operations. They said that hospital leaders and colleagues are so concerned with the environmental health of the residents, give up holiday break for hygienic cleaning for their living quarters in the rain, they ought to clean their own activities, protect the environment of his own home.
AXA re, two hospitals also organize sanitation more than 200 copies of publicity materials sent to the dormitory area families, called on everyone to participate in health activities to protect the environment, take the initiative to put the garbage in the designated location, regularly cleaning the hostel district environmental health, national mutual review to ensure success through joint efforts.
Second city hospital will be fully launched in future and focused combination of centralized regulation and long-term management of fashion, popular participation, community linked with the hospitals to enhance environmental quality and management levels, efforts to create a clean and beautiful, healthy and harmonious hospital environments the living environment of the residents and workers. BACK PAGE