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Guilin invest 315 million "rural-urban cleaning project" to further development

Washington (reporter Chen Juan) six months have passed, the city's urban and rural areas how clean? There is a flaw? What are the next steps key? On August 8, I held the "rural-urban cleaning project" Working Conference pointed out, the city's "rural-urban cleaning project" has entered a critical phase, departments at all levels to raise awareness, focus, high standards and strict requirements, further development of "rural-urban cleaning project" implementation.
City leaders Zhang Xiulong, Patrick Lei, Deng Chundong, Liu Mingyu, Yuan Xuxiang, the autonomous region "rural-urban cleaning project" resident inspection team leader Huang Jingting, Guilin and the heads of the relevant departments at all levels attended the meeting. Vice Mayor Liu Mingyu conveys the autonomous region about the spirit of the meeting, summarized the first half of my city "urban and rural clean projects" work.
First half of this year, the city's "rural-urban cleaning project" strengthening organizational leadership, positive input, full mobilization, to take effective measures, setting off a rural and urban sanitation movement, achieved initial results. According to statistics, the Government devoted a total of 265 million Yuan, society invested more than 50 million Yuan, garbage removal, remediation, "five", released officers 507, sanitation workers, 2,103. Since April this year, the autonomous region "rural clean projects" have been transferred to the second stage, the city's next step will be to consolidate and enhance the results already achieved on the basis of, extending from city to County and district towns villages, increasing spending on infrastructure and construction, establishment of long effective management mechanism.
Mayor Zhang Xiulong told me, the first half of "rural-urban cleaning project" achieved affirmed. But at the same time pointed out that at present, the city of "rural-urban cleaning project" there are six aspects of the work are not in place, which are not in place, Dawa guidance in place, responsibility is not in place, the infrastructure is not in place, lack of supervision, accountability in place.
How carried out next work, let Guilin sanitation and city management and international tourism city match, Zhang Xiulong proposed has clear requirements: a is to further improve awareness, enhanced do regulation work of sense and urgency, overcome fear, and war-weary, and complained, and impatient, mood, set long-term combat thought, while increased mission efforts, guide universal participation "urban and rural clean engineering"; II is innovation and perfect long-term management mechanism, grasp management responsibility implementation, strictly implementation "asked accountability business"; three is in-depth lasting to carried out to governance "Five mess" for main content of city city looks and sanitation regulation work, insisted specimens and rule, and blocking sparse combined, and penalty taught simultaneously of work method, prevent "five mess" rebound; four is increased funding input, strengthening urban and rural based facilities construction, focus solution municipal based facilities, and sewage, and garbage processing facilities construction lag problem, while developed out management approach; five is to highlight focus, grasp "a river three Gallery" (that Lijiang River and from Yongfu, and pingle, and statewide direction into Guilin urban of three article corridor), and scenic attractions, and country market , Zhongshan Road, a street demonstration, regulation and management of six is up with feasible as soon as possible, and in accordance with the city's actual implementation of urban management programme, information, networking, standardization of the management of the city; seven is to increase the intensity of supervision and accountability, inadequate to perform their duties and responsibilities and strong accountability.
Patrick Lei, Deputy Secretary of the municipal party Committee stressed that "rural clean projects" are projects, urban management engineering, investment and cadres in environmental engineering projects, departments at all levels must focus on it work persistently hold on to do a good job.
The autonomous region "rural-urban cleaning project" resident inspection team leader Huang Jingting Guilin the city first half of "rural-urban cleaning project" work, and guidance on next steps proposed. BACK PAGE