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Solid cleaning outcome of the urban and rural areas the city's multi-sectoral joint special rectification action

Washington (reporter Sun min correspondent Xiao hua) in order to further consolidate "clean urban and rural results", 10th, diecai District Government area business, traffic, urban management, city departments on three separate roads, focus on the campaign in the area, focusing on illegal commercial vehicles within the treatment area, casually parked vehicles as well as in front of the litter, the farmers ' market management, and so on.
That morning, and reporters following joint law enforcement teams came to Yushan wholesale food city, diecai district traffic police and the cityscape, urban management and other departments, for Yushan wholesale food sections of masses around the city are particularly high concentrated rectification of illegal vehicles. "Illegal assembled motor of tricycle illegal operating, occupy motor vehicle road and non-motor vehicle road mess stopped mess put, some even no license plate and insurance, way lane exists great security hidden......" diecai Police Brigade Deputy big Captain Yang Xuejun all on illegal operating owners do publicity education work, day morning, joint law enforcement team in Yushan food wholesale city around sections temporarily buckle illegal vehicles more than 20 vehicles.
Diecai district by the Government led by another joint law enforcement teams are issued to the business façade of the menqiansanbao in the area of responsibility. According to understand, for further landscaping area residents of life, and work environment, diecai district and area units, and business façade and area of the urban and rural combined Department identification has menqiansanbao responsibility, requirements do units, and business door face home front do "package health, and package green, and package order", for responsibility not implementation of units and façade, will by hanging warning brand, and fine or temporarily buckle license, punishment measures.
This reporter has learned, diecai district of farmers ' markets in the business order, health status will also be accepted in the future of business, urban management, combined with stricter law enforcement team Inspector. Press day at the North Gate of guanyinge market, diecai district Bureau of industry and Commerce Bureau in the Special Inspectorate was set up within the area farmers ' markets, combined with urban management Department on the farmers ' market health, set construction and management, project management, to ensure a clean and orderly for a long time farmer's market operates.
It is understood that the diecai district the special rectification action will take place on the basis of spot checks and actively explore effective management mechanism, to strengthen further the area clean outcome of the urban and rural areas, creating a harmonious clean living and working environment for the residents.