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Appearance and cleaning are generally in good throw garbage in golden week

Washington (Xinhua sole proprietor of Bank) the national day Golden Week, many people in the streets and tourist attractions in Guilin. October 3 journalists visited and found in the urban areas, cleaning common good, Guilin city with a neat and clean appearance to show in front of the public and tourists.
9:30 A.M. day, Hidden Dragon noodle shop on the way business is booming. Many people like to pull up a stool to the door of Guilin to eat powdered rice noodle shop put a trash can, members of the public after eating the rice, with napkin finished mouth thrown in the trash. Such a comfortable, a lot less litter in the streets.
After 10 o'clock, from the hump of the qixing park entrance to giant panda popular science education base, it is generally a festive people of their families to see the pandas, long Mall but no trash, cleaning do it really well. Huaxia Plaza, is clean, even next to the trash or accidentally falling pieces of paper and plastic bags. At 11 o'clock, Zhongshan Road frequented up, zhengyang Street, central square, with cuoji cleaner and broom to shuttle them, trash on the ground rarely.
Clean and neat streets makes people feel, this is primarily due to the sanitation workers for their hard work. Seven-star Park of a cleaning staff told reporters, the stream of garbage, they increased the intensity of cleaning, be careful not to let garbage out, be cleaned up. Reporters observed, cleaning staff are staring at the ground, few people, litter sweep. Second, most residents and visitors about environmental health, some people smoke just next to the trash can, play the ashes, smoked cigarette butts left in the trash.
Overall good appearance city appearance, but there are still insufficient in detail. Reporters saw some people after eating breakfast abandoned plastic bags and drink bottles sitting on the bench, child after eating the spicy threw bamboo sticks on the floor, parents don't care, made from time to time a small pile of garbage around the corner.
Reporters also visited part of the park that day and toilets in public places, there's no distinct smell, cleaning personnel on stand-by at the gate, a high frequency of cleaning. However, the golden week in the flow, such as weaving, in line of the toilet is quite severe.

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