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"Rural and urban cleaning project" year: get a gap check problem assessment

Guilin life network (journalist, Mr Footman) deepening the expanding "rural-urban cleaning project", to create "national civilized cities." Yesterday, the "rural-urban cleaning project" meeting requirements in the year, the city's emergency operations, for the city to an early national civilized cities towards the same goal.
On April 13, I clean Engineering Conference held the city's urban and rural areas. After the sector under the "Grand Master" standard treatment "of five" phenomenon, and vigorously promote the comprehensive improvement of the rural environment. As June 30, I city financial cumulative input more than 75.41 million more Yuan, 184200 passengers cadres masses carried out variety regulation activities 3,996 times, clear various garbage 2.0593 million tons, law demolition illegal building 123,500 square meters, corrected cleanup accounted for road business more than 40,000 more at, clear illegal ad more than 250,000 over, cleanup site mess as 989 at, regulation farmers market 1536 at, new, and rebuilt public toilet 74 seat; 13,800 name pedestrian for violation traffic security method by punishment.
A series of measures to make dirty, chaotic, and poor in check, public awareness of environmental health, civilization and further enhanced levels of order of city appearance and environmental sanitation has been improved. However, the problem is still quite a lot. Grand Master Office on personnel investigations found that some villages still have junk "Village du he" phenomenon of the city as well as health corner, some roads there is a lot of rubbish is not cleaned up; bad dirty, chaotic, and some farmers ' markets are still very prominent, mess around are out of place in the market to be sold and casually parked vehicles, littering and other phenomena is still quite serious. Especially road set up stalls, Zhongshan Road, huancheng XI road, Xiufeng district occupy the sidewalks piling up building materials, stone materials processing phenomena has still not been completely control.
The meeting broadcast secret footage, a bad lens are embarrassed. Conference requirements levels the sector don't in results before sleeping, to find insufficient and weaknesses, to put strengthening village sewage processing system and garbage transit of construction and improve village sewage garbage processing level as work focus, effective solution rural garbage "surrounding village blocking River" problem; continues to carried out "urban and rural clean engineering" special regulation ten action, years to completed a farmers market, and parking, and toilets, project construction and input using.
Conference think I city of city order and environment quality and municipal municipal government and masses of requirements and expects also exists is big gap, the sector to emergency action up, put thought awareness and regulation efforts mentioned more high of height, concentrated power playing one battle, according to created national civilization city of standard, to new of city order meet evaluation, reached I city created national civilization city of target. BACK PAGE