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State environmental review: 14 companies next month to realize clean production

14 key enterprises to realize clean production in the near future, an additional 15 key enterprises before the end of this year to implement cleaner production. This was recently held in the city of cleaner production and environmental management experience-sharing Conference request. Vice Mayor Zhou Wei attended the meeting.
Conference held in Guilin sanjin pharmaceutical company limited, project participants visited the company's natural gas boiler. According to reports, the sanjin industry invested more than 3 million Yuan, 6 tons of coal-fired boiler into gas-fired boiler, after testing, sulfur dioxide emissions than coal-fired boiler 96.7%, soot concentrations declined 98.1%, annual cutting sulfur dioxide emissions 26.79 tons. Sanjin industry through the promotion of cleaner production, achieve harmonious co-existence of businesses and residents in the vicinity, to create maximum economic and social benefits.
It was noted that cleaner production is an important element of national model city for environmental protection review. Future I city will to grasp heavy nonferrous metals mine mining selected industry, and heavy nonferrous metals smelting industry, and containing lead battery industry, and leather and products industry, and chemical raw materials and the chemical products manufacturing 5 a heavy metal pollution control focus control industry, and steel, and cement, and flat glass, and coal chemical, and polysilicon, and electrolytic aluminum, and shipbuilding, 7 a capacity excess main industry, as implementation clean production audit of focus, other focus industry also to implementation clean production audit. Passed the review and acceptance of national environmental protection model city, the city required to filter out of 14 key enterprise clean production as soon as possible, the municipal environmental protection Bureau assessment of these enterprises will be unified in the end of February 2012.
Meeting request enterprises to effectively change the concept, promoting clean production as an important way to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, resource-saving and environment-friendly development path. Departments in planning, systematically and comprehensively advancing the city's Enterprise launch cleaner production auditing, and active implementation of the national implementation of cleaner production policies of the enterprise through cleaner production and enhance the city's industrial competitiveness and achieve "energy saving, consumption reducing, pollution decreasing and benefit increasing" to promote sustainable development of enterprises.