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City sanitation departments intensify cleaning efforts in order to deal with the flood season

since June, the continuous accumulation of rainfall resulting in urban low-lying lots of mud, trash affects appearance city appearance. Sanitation, the opportunity of establishing national civilized cities, city cleaning measures during the rainy season, effectively keeping the environment clean and orderly.
In the year before the flood season comes, the city sanitation Department held a Conference on flood control, ahead of deployment of flood control work, draw up contingency plans, for all kinds of emergency situations that may arise in the flood season, including residential trash segregation and junk and salvage the road, drainage and other measures.
Continuous rain on the sanitation operations inconvenience, sanitation worker was busy working in the rain. After the rain-soaked garbage weight increase than usual 20%. For will these "injection garbage" timely cleanup shipped go, the city sanitation sector active implementation more items measures, full play sucking dirt car, and high pressure flush car, and cleaning car, mechanical job advantage, timely on rain Hou road sides, especially low-lying sections, and village in the out entrance, and construction site out entrance, focus parts of sludge, used people machine combined of method for cleanup, prevent garbage jam drainage facilities. Meanwhile, increase the number of key sections of the clean, the implementation of continuous desilting work in shifts, water on roads, floating refuse, sludge clear in time, striving to recover in the shortest time waterlogging road appearance city appearance.
Quality on time in order to be able to complete cleaning, sanitation workers got up earlier than usual. When people going to work in the morning, the streets have been swept clean. In response to the flood season, rushed ahead of solid waste landfill covers the garbage, junk drifting because of windy, broadened and deepened the gutters around the landfill to prevent explosion due to rainfall waste water pollution of farmland near the. Waste water treatment station has souped up wastewater. Solid waste transfer station has developed solid waste transfer responsibility of the rainy season to ensure waste do not spend the night in the day, and according to the situation, which can waste sewage treatment during the rainy season, and increases the number of vacuum truck running, station garbage wastewater treatment in a timely manner to ensure that sewage storage ponds effluent does not affect the environment around.