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New requirement: construction site cleaning work done will lead to severe penalties

all major and minor roads in the city on either side of the construction site entrances and flush tank and flushing device is not perfect, construction vehicle tires and mud play, play vehicles are overloaded, the leakage phenomenon, the site was shut down, rectification. New construction sites no-wash tank and rinse the equipment, no full-time supervisors shall not be started ... ... Recent city housing and urban and Rural Development Council business meetings on urban and rural clean muck removal campaign on the construction site, I clarified the requirements for cleaning, and informed the cleansing of substandard 7 corrective action and 14 suspension of projects, as well as related responsibilities.
Residue removal campaign made clear the building owners, contractors, the engineer must follow the requirements of civilized construction, strictly enforce building site construction and transport of waste management. The construction site of the on-field road, yards of material for hardening treatment, put an end to the construction site in the sewers, garbage heaps about uncivilized construction and unhealthy phenomenon. All urban secondary trunk road construction sites must complete entrance on either side of the flush tank and flushing equipment, construction vehicle tires and mud play is strictly prohibited, prohibited vehicles overloaded with appearances, leakage. New construction sites no-wash tank and rinse the equipment, no full-time supervisors shall not be started. Municipal construction engineering quality supervision station will take a different form of check on the construction site in the city, found that construction sites have not criticized the cleaning problems, newspaper publicity, persons responsible for writing a review. Municipal Housing Bureau will also occasionally carried out inspections found residue leakage, pollution caused by construction site road, criticized for construction, the engineer shall be given administrative punishment, causing serious impact on recurring issues of responsibility, suspension of Guilin city to undertake the project 1-3 months.
Municipal construction project tendering requirements in written form, at the bidding of construction enterprises, civil construction and waste and transportation management, must be committed, otherwise bidding document void.