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Li River burning leaves subsequent cleaning unit was ordered to reform

the cleaning unit for rectification and punishment to make staff and management, and take effective measures to strengthen inspector ... ... Yesterday, reporters learned from the established authority, since the "burning leaves" after the incident, relevant departments to strengthen their management, this period of time, received good results.
On April 13, the newspaper based on the sunny "smoke River"? Under the title, Li River, reported An Xinnan road event of burning leaves.
After the news coverage, the city established a relevant authority next to the Lijiang River cleaning unit issued a "burned trash in the Li River is prohibited" notice at the same time, organizations focus on strengthening law enforcement personnel on the Lijiang River, especially liberation bridge to the Lijiang River Bridge area of environmental health monitoring.
On April 15, the law enforcement officers to inspect to Cheung Pei Shan Pier Nineth place and found some people burned trash in the shore, law enforcement officers immediately intercepted and to criticize the party. By understanding that the who is a cleaning staff. According to him, after he cleaned out the river floating garbage, is not carried away centrally, directly on the shore of the river burn.
To this end, Li, immediate corrective action authority ordered the cleaning unit. After the incident, the cleaning quickly organized personnel to clean up the site, and the parties and relevant management personnel were punished.
By continually strengthened supervision, as of April 21, the Lijiang River has not found "burning garbage", made with good results.
The next step, the city established a Board according to Lijiang River scenic area environmental health situation, many-pronged, take measures to ensure that the Lijiang River scenic area sanitation clean and tidy. Specific demands on the relevant units, and in strict accordance with the unifying process, ensure that the hygienic environment of Lijiang River "Jie, Qi and the United States." Meanwhile, Li Authority urged the public to enhance awareness of environmental protection, protection of the mother River of Guilin.