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Guilinyang base food is not clean power players a collective food poisoning

in order to pass an upcoming fitness test for the first time, power is now Hainan guilinyang base working hard, but coach Wang Tao on the disciple's fitness still feel headaches, coincides with at this point, the team suffered food poisoning attack, over more than 20 players different symptoms of diarrhea, this is really flat and every rain.
Telephone interview with reporters, Wang Tao's tone was helpless, he said: "our team players are having diarrhea yesterday, team doctor checked under food poisoning, the training base for the problem of unsanitary food preparation, because of the serious decline in physical ability the players, I didn't train today, get the guys back, adjust it. In accordance with the physical training of the national team program, after the complete physical recovery period, now is the most important critical mass, strength on sudden incidents of food poisoning and obviously poses a difficult problem for Wang Tao. So talking about upcoming YOYO fitness test, worries Wang Tao said: "If there is another accident, power team most players can't pass physical fitness will be a normal thing, behind the technical and tactical training will certainly bring a lot of inconvenience. ”