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Shanghai fence NET exploring "real communities" to create a "clean Internet"

"the Navy" piles of flood, spam, malicious criticisms and attacks ... ... In the Internet age, these "problems" when running? Shanghai LIBA networks by interacting with the Internet, explore and create a network of "real communities", began to find a way to create a "clean Internet" route.
Founded in 2002 fence NET is famous in Shanghai city life online community, a large number of young families in Shanghai on the site Forum consumer topics such as, family, employment and livelihood of the city. Currently more than 4 million registered users, users up to 1 million passengers a day in Shanghai, post, and reply to about 500,000.
President Zhang guohua said the fence, like many online forums, fence NET encountered trouble during the several years of development process:
Network army suffered flooding and false advertising on the one hand, impairs a day need to delete nearly 100,000 network army and illegal businessmen to mislead the user posts. Fence NET travel moderator "Rainbow Moon" told reporters that some tour companies will employ a large number of military posts and website speculation, false and irresponsible advertising messages frequently forwarded, really helpful travel information to Internet users flooded, many netizens also deceived.
The other hand, online discussions often become quarrels, and even verbal abuse and physical attacks, some heated rhetoric, bad information is also free to spread. Fence NET auto section moderators "vest", said some users because the network identity of the virtual screen, "Okay, anyway a few curse words at random and no one knew."
To create a clean, safe environment for community users, fence nets actively explore effective methods. "Initially we want to use the Administrator's continued reign in to solve the problem, we have a very professional team of administrators, after strict training, value of work are required to adhere to customer first philosophy. They have no business performance assessment requirements, to their online community is the only assessment of stable and clean. "However, Zhang had to admit, managed by humans inevitably there are omissions or errors," as the site grows, an administrator working pressure becomes more and more. "
In such puzzles, explore and create a "real users, real content, real community" has become a network of fences and the common needs of Internet users. Through a variety of programs, and fence NET launched in March 2010 "mobile phone number verification" of registration through mobile number bound to the society's true identity.
"In a real community, much less spam, net exchange more honest folk to stay, everyone pay attention to the cultivation of their words and deeds, clean the entire network environment a lot. "Zhang said.
After the introduction of mobile number certification, since eligibility for some illegal mobile phone number registered, post again, net was at the height of the fence and nearly 100,000 false advertising, more than military posts has dropped from more than 1000; for vulgar content, such as number of posts being deleted, also fell sharply.
The site of "Autumn" that the network "real communities", the speaker will treasure your words and opinions, "and share personal experiences before posts are businessmen and military attack also is reduced, really wants to communicate online, access to experienced users are also more straight-talking, less useful information was buried."
A former travel agent ever made an online army of Internet users said in an interview with reporters, account after the difficulty and cost of registration, a lot less number of Navy fence line, even registered a new account, has no influence because qualification will not be enough.
Fence nets in January this year for users of survey 92% user believes real community created "to prevent the spread of illegal and harmful information", 81% said "suppresses the network the Navy and merchant hype", 63% said "membership for more realistic and credible."