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Xiangshan district, Guilin city, built before the market clean booth

"the Government is doing very well, building temporary markets selling vegetables in business, our residents living nearby to buy food is much easier! "July 10, who lives in Guilin city Vectra Zhu aunt has just opened in the South area of bamboo road, Nan Xiang CAI Shi praise. In fact, Zhu aunt say "consider people living in the vicinity of the Government", which, as well as "the Government cares ' street marketing ' practitioner" another aspect of her knowing.
Xiangshan district official told reporters that the old Vectra stock was removed, some vendors use bamboo road, Nan Xiang as a free market, some vendors to facilitate the operation, simply in wood on both sides of the road, DUN put up a simple pitch, operation of grocery stores, fruit and vegetable, killing chickens and ducks. Few vendors feel free to litter, often causing the street litter, sewers, traffic jams and seriously affected the appearance city appearance and life of nearby residents. However, these stalls people are laid off workers, "can't catch it, as much for the part of vulnerable people think is Ah! "
Thus, Government initiative with the Guilin Grand Master, Xiangshan district Xiangshan branch, Department of industry and commerce, from near-investment of more than 400,000 yuan Shan Guan Qiao Cun, 23rd in the bamboo road Nan Xiang new temporary market, originally on bamboo road "street market" all households on "please." After more than 20 days of hard work, with more than 180 stalls, neatly planned temporary food market was officially opened in July 8. First batch of households moving into new markets and old Liu quipped: "what is humanism? The Government first built after the market, the spread, which is called people first! "
On July 9, as a "street market" households have been moved into new markets, immediate tissue Chengguan, Xiangshan district, sanitation Department, quickly demolished the original vendors 24 booths privately set-up, dredging ditches 65 meters, renovated the Street 14, clearing street vendors dropped black shelf and trash 6 car, cuizhu road, Nan Xiang came back past the neat and quiet.