Service project

Pest control to kill

Pest control to kill 

Developed pesticides programme:
  Where an area of more than 500m2 parasites, places difficult to kill by our technicians to survey about "four pests" species and had medication types (prevent drug resistance), judging "four pests" Habitat (cockroach nest) and kill the preparatory work to develop "insecticidal services programme".
  Sign the service contract:
  According to the agreed upon by killing time, number, price, area, and agreed to sign a "contract". "Insecticidal services" as an annex to this contract.
  Pesticides implementation:
  According to insecticide solution, our customers a convenient time (days, nights, weekends), door-to-door implementing insecticide (cockroach) operations. Ask the customer to cooperate.
  Site inspection:
  After each disinfection is complete, filled in by the customer "insecticidal service acceptance form", the company will arrange service and cancellation to kill staff evaluation.
  Each insecticide (cockroach) within 24 hours of completion will call back about to kill effect, attitude and so on.
  Late service:
  1, accepting a year long term insecticides by a customer, we will regularly ask "four pests", the arrangements for the next service to ensure worry-free.
  2. Within a week after the killing, where the service is poor, disinfectants are not caused by a serious customer complaints, we guarantee to respond within 24 hours and arrange for killing time.
  Implementation of the standards:
  Strict adherence to the rodents, mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches, standards and other countries, the military standard disinfectants.
  Medication safety:
  Ensure that drug type, dosage, method of operation, in accordance with GB4285-89 safe use of pesticide standards.

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